Managing egg-shell quality: A concept beyond calcium & phosphorus supplementation

Egg weight, egg shape index and internal egg qualities are though the determinants of hatchability, what is also important is the eggshell strength and shell porosity. The product concept is a reminder of the importance of shell matrix and pore distribution on the shell which directly effects strength and air exchange which ultimately impacts hatchability and livability of the embryo. In commercial farm management while nutritional aspects like calcium and phosphorous inclusion & their ratio have received a lot of attention, measures to increase shell strength and pore distribution by other means often miss due attention. Pulsworum-45 is a specifically formulated product with nutritional & other natural compounds that strengthen the eggshell matrix and optimize the no of pores and their distribution on the shell.

Pulsworum – 45 is a combination of substances (collagen activators, proline precursor, Ascorbic acid, & Vitamin D3 along with compounds known to have their effect on Calcium distribution & deposition) which works on shell matrix deposition, corrects shell pore distribution, optimizes albumin index & thus improves egg shell strength. Resultant is less egg breakage & higher hatchability in layer (commercial &/or breeder).

Fig1: Graphical representation after administration of Pulsworum-45 for 7 days in commercial layers

Numerous trials of Pulsworum-45 has been conducted at different regions involving varied environmental conditions in commercial layers and breeders. In this trial, it was observed that Pulsworum-45 showed good results in prevention and control of egg shell problem in birds regardless of age. Improvement in Egg rejection, cracked eggs and Hen Day Egg production ranged between 1.8 -2.6 %, 0.1 – 1.6 % and 0.2 – 3.2 % respectively as per Fig 1.

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